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Plains Veterinary Hospital provides the latest technology to the pets in the Zachary and Baton Rouge, Louisiana, area, and our digital radiography (x-ray) system is one of the most advanced units available in veterinary medicine! X-rays are one of the most important diagnostic tools for our experienced veterinarians, which is why this cutting-edge technology was selected for our hospital.

What are the advantages of digital radiography over images developed by older chemical units?

The production of crystal clear images and the speed in development are the most critical factors in quality x-rays. Image quality is the most significant factor in digital radiography’s superiority over older chemically developed film models. Digital x-ray not only provides clearer images initially, they can also be contrasted and viewed from different angles to offer unique views to our veterinarians and prevent the need for retakes. In less than five seconds, our doctors can see the x-ray image and begin treatment right away if necessary. Another advantage of the digital x-ray at Plains Veterinary Hospital is the fact that the x-ray photos can be emailed. In the rare event a veterinary radiologist may need to be consulted, our digital images can be sent electronically for their review, saving critical treatment time. Finally, our digital x-ray is considered a “greener” technology than older units that required chemicals to develop film images.

What can our doctors diagnose using digital x-ray?

Bone fractures are commonly discovered using an x-ray, but many other disease processes can be diagnosed by our experienced veterinarians as well! For example, our doctors can locate foreign bodies and obstructions, detect fluid buildup, uncover tumors, discover organ enlargement, and diagnose pneumonia. Radiographs are extremely useful in diagnosing problems and disease of the exoskeletal system, chest, and abdomen of pets.

The experience of our veterinarians, coupled with our advanced technology, makes Plains Veterinary Hospital a clear choice for pets located in Zachary, Baton Rouge, and the surrounding areas of Louisiana. Please allow us to be the veterinarians for the life of your pet by calling Plains Veterinary Hospital to schedule an appointment today!

The mission of Plains Veterinary Hospital is to fulfill the needs of our clients by providing quality healthcare services with honest, compassionate, and thorough care at affordable prices.

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