Veterinary surgery is one the most important facets of care at Plains Veterinary Hospital, and our clinic provides advanced surgical procedures at reasonable prices for pets in the Zachary and Baton Rouge areas. Our doctors have many years of combined surgical experience, and they will bring that same level of care and compassion to your pet as well.

Before all surgical procedures, our experienced veterinarians recommend running blood work to determine the overall health of each pet undergoing surgery. Our advanced laboratory can evaluate the blood chemistry levels to assess the overall health of your furry family member’s liver and kidneys and pancreas. Complete blood counts are also recommended to determine red and white cell counts, as well as platelets. While any veterinary surgery carries a degree of risk, the cutting-edge laboratory at Plains Veterinary Hospital helps to ensure that anesthesia is as safe as possible for your pet.

Plains Veterinary Hospital offers modern surgical equipment including advanced monitoring units. During and after the surgical event, each pet is continually monitored for vital signs including respiratory rate, temperature, heart rate, and oxygen levels.

Pets feel pain in much the same way people do. Therefore preventative pain medication is required before any surgical event at Plains Veterinary Hospital. Our compassionate veterinarians strive to keep all of their furry patients as comfortable as possible during any surgery.

When your pet is in need of surgery ranging from spay and neuters to intricate orthopedic and soft tissue procedures in Zachary, Baton Rouge, and the surrounding areas, you can count on the experienced hands of our doctors and compassionate staff, and our advanced surgical equipment. Call one of our experienced team members to schedule your pet’s surgery today.

The mission of Plains Veterinary Hospital is to fulfill the needs of our clients by providing quality healthcare services with honest, compassionate, and thorough care at affordable prices.

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